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Aspatria Farmers your Co-op!

Every day we have discussions with farmers, some who are members, about what Aspatria Farmers is, how it is structured and what it means to be a farmer member of a co-op like Aspatria Farmers.

There are several key points that make our business so different to all your other suppliers:-

You own this business

Well you do if you are a member. Even today it is only £100 to join Aspatria Farmers. In a public company , and some still have “Farmers” in their name, the business is owned by its shareholders, with the larger institutional shareholders calling the tune and driving the business to pay them big dividends or enhance the share price in order to give them a return on their investment.

In our business, as a member, you own the business and each member has one vote! Today there are 980 farmer members who are also the owners of Aspatria Farmers. Our Directors have the responsibility of representing our members and ensuring that the business delivers value to all our members. The business is run for the benefit of members and always will be.

Come to our AGM or ask our Directors and staff about where the business is going and if you individually or a group of members would like us to explore other product areas or services, then let’s talk about it.

We are a buying and advisory service for our members, not a selling service for suppliers.

This is so important. We are looking every day to try and ensure that our members get the best products at the lowest cost possible and that suppliers know they have to work hard to win our business and the supply to your farm. Together we can combine your purchases with those of other farmers to ensure that you get a great deal every time. Cooperation will benefit everyone!

We combine your resources to invest in Aspatria Farmers

We, on your behalf, need to ensure that we have the people and resources necessary to give you the best advice and get products to you when you need them. We need to ensure that we recruit the best people to give on-farm advice and make that available to our members. Most importantly you can be assured that the advice we give will be focussed on improving your business and is not driven by selling more products to you at a higher margin in order to grow our business at your expense!

Any profits we make are reinvested in the business or returned to our owners-you!

We need to make an adequate profit, in order to invest in our assets and people, but our owners- you, would not be happy if we were making excess profits and paying big dividends! Big profits in a farm co-op can only come by taking too high a margin out of our member’s pockets when savings, that are negotiated from suppliers, are not passed on to members.

Our strategy is, with your help, to grow our volumes, drive down our costs and ensure that all of our members benefit from the best possible prices and service every day!

We are here to help you make money and with your support we always will be!

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