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Aspatria Farmers Ltd Annual General Meeting

Aspatria Rugby Club, 7.00pm Thursday March 21st 2019 It has been an exciting year for Aspatria Farmers with new...

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As we approach our Annual General Meeting in March (which we hope you are able to attend) it is...

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Working for Farmers!

The Directors of Aspatria Farmers believe that a key role of a farmer owned business is to try and ensure that the critical services farmers rely on are provided locally and cost effectively for all our members. A significant part of this service is the engineering services we provide for our members, from the dairy team at Longtown but also, as featured in this issue, the services provided by our general farm engineering team at Aspatria.
We have steadily built on the service provided by the Hillary’s business in Aspatria, which was bought by Aspatria Farmers in 2006, and today our team of engineers at Aspatria offer a massive range of services to our member base.
There is an on-going level of investment in our workshop facilities and the training of our staff so that we can repair and maintain the widest range of farm equipment possible.
As in every other facet of agriculture there is a continuing erosion in the service from main dealers as manufacturers seek to rationalise their dealer network and operate from fewer sites with fewer personnel – our strategy is the opposite. We know that farmers need local service and hugely value dealing with staff who know their farm and can be trusted to do a great job every time!
We have four engineers based at Aspatria and they are supported by a spares and parts department that helps source the parts our
team needs as well as spares and parts
for farmers.
We are proud of the range of engineering and fabrication skills we have in our team and this capability enables us to come up with innovative solutions on farm and helps keep your farm equipment working into the future!
Countryside Productivity Scheme
During the autumn our engineering team were working flat out as the grants stimulated a wave of investment on farm. In some cases suppliers have still not got back on top of their order book and the time from placing an order to delivery is often over 12 weeks for some equipment.
If you have projects in mind that may qualify for the next round of Productivity Grants, do your homework now and make sure you know what you want to do and what the costs will be, as inevitably the window for claims will be narrow and the timescales tight!
Solar Panel Projects
We have had a rush of enquiries for solar installations prior to the subsidy going in March 2019 and subject to getting all the grid connections agreed our teams will be working flat out to get the panels fitted before the deadline!
With increasing electricity prices, solar may still be a good investment for heavy electricity users, even without subsidies, so we will revisit the costings and give you a summary of the options after March!

Joining Aspatria Farmers

We always welcome new farmer members and as well as talking to our team please feel free to complete the attached New Members Form and mail it to us with your cheque and we will handle it from there!

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