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A free service to help you keep control of your biggest costs!

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Why should I be a member of Aspatria Farmers?

We are often asked this question by farmers and others and it is a question that we should always consider when deciding on the strategy of the business, because Aspatria Farmers only exists to help its members run their businesses better!
You may not know, but today Aspatria Farmers has 980 members who own this business. Some do a lot of business with the company and some do very little and some have given up day to day farming but still remain as members. Occasionally, some farmers retire and ask for their shares to be paid out, but this is a fraction of the number of farmers who join each year.
At this moment those members have over £345,000 of money invested as shares and over £950,000 which is dividends they have earned in the past that they choose to leave in the business. That is £1.3 million of farmers money invested in Aspatria Farmers and using that money well to help farmers is something that the Directors and Management Team take very seriously. Because we have this money from our members it means that we do not have to borrow as much from the bank to run the business and we are happy to pay a good interest rate to our members on these funds. In addition, when the business makes a profit and after some of that has been reinvested in the business, any remaining funds are paid back to our members according to the volume of trade they do with Aspatria Farmers.
More important than the mechanics of dividends is the commitment that we need to engender in our customers, who, for a modest investment of £100 (a one off- not annually) can be part of the ownership structure of the business, can make their comments or suggestions about the business to our Directors or Management Team and if they wish put themselves forward to serve as Directors in the future!
This business belongs to our members, 100%, it is here to help our farmers at every turn and by joining Aspatria Farmers and supporting us with your trade you are making farmers stronger and keeping money in agriculture. If you are not a member- join today and if you are a member, challenge us to bring you products and advice that will help your business, now and in the future!

Joining Aspatria Farmers

We always welcome new farmer members and as well as talking to our team please feel free to complete the attached New Members Form and mail it to us with your cheque and we will handle it from there!

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