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Our Chairman passes the baton!

As you will have seen in our Annual Report, our Chairman Ian Bell who farmed at Aigle Gill at...

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Wider range of tractors and machinery available at Aspatria!

We have been looking at a number of options to increase the range of machinery we offer at Aspatria,...

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What a difference a month makes!

In the space of 4 to 5 weeks we have seen a dramatic change in the landscape. In Cumbria the rain came earlier than other parts of the UK and coupled with cooler temperatures has made a big difference to the potential grass yield this season for most of our customers.
Throughout the UK, there was panic building about poor silage stocks and the lack of grazing, growing concern about the lack of straw for bedding and a fear that cereal yields would be severely reduced by the prolonged dry spell. Further south, the rain was a lot later coming and the situation was already more severe but cereal yields are coming out better than expected and in the south they enjoy a longer growing season than we do, so there is still time to grow and harvest grass as long as they don’t get a very wet autumn.
Feed demand has been exceptional over the past two months, with feed mills being asked to produce winter feed volumes in the summer months and as a result winter order lead times have been the norm. Combine this with the main holiday season and it has also been a challenge to find the drivers to keep up with demand. As we go into September the heat has come out of that market and we are focussed on working out the best strategy to keep your feed prices under control as we go into winter.
We, and you have also been very busy with trying to complete projects on farm that have been part funded by the Countryside Productivity Grants. We are on course to get all the projects done, but the delays in getting equipment from backlogged suppliers means that it will be some months before all the projects are finally completed.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to visit Aspatria on September 5th to wish Barry Hodgson a happy retirement- after 50 years behind the counter at Hillary’s and then Aspatria Farmers, Barry will be missed by all his colleagues and friends.

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