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Christmas Opening Hours 2018

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A free service to help you keep control of your biggest costs!

Feed is nearly always the biggest single cost area on a livestock farm and despite tougher feed legislation over...

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Lambing and Calving

Some of you may be lambing and calving already, some preparing to start and others may be a while away from the chaos that is to come, but we have a range of products designed to make life easier, and put your livestock first.
Our Country UF branded products, whose range offer the best possible products at the best possible price, has a selection of products for both cattle and sheep, from lamb and calf colostrum, to lube, Iodine and more. Here are some of their products, and a few more too, to help you out this spring!
Country UF lamb colostrum, available in boxes of 12 sachets, 500g, 1.25kg and 2.5kg tubs is ideal to have on hand for either orphan lambs, lambs of ewes with no milk, or to top up those with little maternal colostrum. For several years now it has been consistently popular, due to providing everything the lamb needs, and mixes easily and consistently – very useful when you really should be in bed. Also available is the Country UF Newborn Lamb 5 in 1. As the trend is moving away from unnecessary antibiotic usage, these prebiotic type products are increasing in popularity. Newborn Lamb 5 in 1 can be used at birth, at the first signs of scouring following digestive upset, or at times of stress. A 100ml bottle will usually do 25 lambs.

If you are on with calving, the Moocall calving sensors make life easier by taking out the need to check on cows as often, leaving you free to get on with other jobs around the farm. The sensor sends a text message to up to 2 numbers around an hour before calving, giving you ample time to see how calving is progressing and stop any problems before they occur. The Moocall now also features the new red non-slip rubber and a longer strap for cows and heifers with thicker tails. With your Moocall sensor you get 12 months of data, software, updates and support from Moocall themselves, from the date you activate the sensor. After 12 months, there is a charge payable of £109, which is discounted by 10% if you own more than one sensor. Imagine a sim only contract for a mobile phone for a year, and it seems very good value in comparison! The sensors will also notify you if they have come off the cow’s tail for any reason, and the rechargeable battery lasts 4+ weeks.

A great investment to make life easier!

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We always welcome new farmer members and as well as talking to our team please feel free to complete the attached New Members Form and mail it to us with your cheque and we will handle it from there!

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