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Aspatria Farmers Dairy Engineering- “The first Emergency Service”

For many of our dairy farmer members, having confidence in the level of service and expertise provided by their...

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Andrew Gray- 25 years of service to Aspatria Farmers and our members

Andrew was recruited by John Hunter to join Aspatria Farmers on May 1st 1993 first working in the warehouse...

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Bale Wrap

Not exactly the weather for thinking about bale wrap and silage sheets but before we know it product will be needed!
One of the most common questions we get asked about silage sheets is about their thickness and strength.
There are a lot of misconceptions around this and it is generally thought that the thicker the sheet the stronger it is. This is not the case! Microns or gauge is the thickness of the sheet and 100 micron
is equal to 400 gauge. The strength of silage sheets is measured by ‘the dart test.’ This is very rarely published as a figure but our sheets have a rating of 200 for strength and are among the strongest in the industry.
We also sell secure covers to cover your pit to reduce your need to use tyres to weigh the top sheet down. Several green mesh covers are available but we only sell the branded Secure Covers – there is no doubt they are the market leader with the best product. Cheaper covers are available but we haven’t even considered these as they are not of a good enough quality in our opinion. More information is on the enclosed flyer.

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We always welcome new farmer members and as well as talking to our team please feel free to complete the attached New Members Form and mail it to us with your cheque and we will handle it from there!

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