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Arable update

Looking forward to the forthcoming 2018 season, it has been a very busy time for spring cereal seed sales. This was mainly due to the poor harvest conditions in autumn 2017, together with the unsuitable weather when winter wheat and winter barleys should have been drilled from September onwards. The crops that were drilled look good in the main, although some will need re-drilling or patching due to poor establishment caused by late drillings and the persistent wet winter weather! Slugs were a particular problem last year with increasing populations from last July onwards.
Spring seed supplies
We are now getting to the end of the seed we purchased early on, so we will look at replacing with the most suitable varieties we can find. Barley seed supplies are reasonably plentiful but spring wheat & oats are now sold out or very scarce in the trade not helped by some Spring Wheat seed being exported to countries where spring seed stocks are very low. We do have a small amount of spring wheat seed still available so first come, first served!
Seed will begin to be delivered to farm in the next week as we have such a large tonnage to move and very little warehouse storage of our own to hold it for any length of time.
A lot of grass re-seeding was missed last year due to weather conditions, especially in August/September, so hopefully weather permitting some catching up can done this year. It is a fact that new leys in their first 4 years produce the highest quality grass, so a rotational plan needs to be put in place at to keep grass leys fresh & productive. The new Aspatria grass catalogue will be available shortly, showing our updated premium range – more on that next month.
Maize for 2018 Season
Despite the difficult weather of the 2017 growing season, maize crops, nearly all of which were under plastic, performed well. No bumper fresh weight yields but good starch & dry matters from the sample results we have seen. Indeed we have seen some starch levels of 34% & 32% dry matters. The trend has been to use earlier varieties of maize that are perhaps not producing the biggest crops but are ready earlier and give that extra starch level. The early varieties also allow following wheat crops to be drilled after the maize is harvested (in a normal year!).
We saw an increased acreage of Maize in 2017 and we see that continuing this year. We have sourced all our plastic which will be the ever reliable ‘grey pinhole’ type.
We have a wide range of Pioneer, Grainseed and KWS seed varieties available and we have many years of experience when it comes to advising on which varieties are best for your situation.

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