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A free service to help you keep control of your biggest costs!

Feed is nearly always the biggest single cost area on a livestock farm and despite tougher feed legislation over the last 10 years there is still a lot of scope for feed manufacturers to promise one thing and deliver another!
The temptation to reduce the nutritional specification of a diet and formulate in cheaper raw materials is always greater when commodity prices are rising as they are this winter.
In order to help all our members get value for money we offer a free no-obligation service, whereby we evaluate the feed you are currently buying and compare the pricing and specification against our value matrix.
We can then advise you on where costs can be saved or where you need to focus in order to ensure that the feed you are buying will do the job it is intended to do.
All we need from you is:-
• A current feed declaration ticket, which should come with every feed load- or better still the last few tickets to assess whether the feed you’re getting today is the feed you were getting a few months ago.
• Your up-to-date feed plan showing what animal performance the recommended diet is designed to achieve.
• The recent costs of the feed and what cost you expect it to be for the winter.
We will evaluate this information and come back to you with a written recommendation, that may give you comfort that what you are buying today is value for money, or may suggest it is not and what you can do to ensure that you reduce your costs or get the right feed for the money!
Aspatria Farmers is 100% owned by farmers and only exists to help our member’s access the products and advice they need to run successful farm businesses so making sure our members get value for money on everything they buy is a big priority.

Just call Ian, Emma or Amy on 016973 20207 and they will talk you through what you need to do to get your feed supply evaluated.

How feed manufacturers can grow their margins at your expense.
• Reducing the specification of the min/vit package can save £5.00 a tonne and only the most eagle eyed farmer will spot that it has changed.
• Reducing the inclusion of the high cost extras that were included when you needed a higher protein diet with Soya in it or more energy so Megalac was included. These are small inclusions but even a small reduction in their inclusion will save significant raw material cost.
• Generally lowering the spec of the whole diet (there is a 10% tolerance allowed by feed legislation) in the knowledge that the silages or whole crop on the farm will make up the difference.
• Most important but often forgotten is the recommended feeding level. Feed suppliers habitually recommend feeding levels higher than what is required because it grows their volume and margin and most likely the animals will perform as required, but at what cost! We will check your diets and ensure that you are not feeding too much which reduces your yield from forage. At today’s prices over-feeding by 10% is equivalent to paying £25/tonne more for your feed.
Call us and we will see if we can help!

Joining Aspatria Farmers

We always welcome new farmer members and as well as talking to our team please feel free to complete the attached New Members Form and mail it to us with your cheque and we will handle it from there!

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