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Our Chairman passes the baton!

As you will have seen in our Annual Report, our Chairman Ian Bell who farmed at Aigle Gill at...

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Wider range of tractors and machinery available at Aspatria!

We have been looking at a number of options to increase the range of machinery we offer at Aspatria,...

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A constant refrain

More consolidation and overseas control of our agricultural industry!
This month has seen a couple more changes where UK run farm supply and agricultural processing businesses have fallen into European hands.

Kilco, who were UK owned with plants in Belfast and Lockerbie and were a fast growing and successful business in dairy hygiene and animal health solutions have sold up and are now owned by a French company, Kersia, who are ultimately owned by the French fertiliser group Roullier! They intend to continue to produce in the UK and in the short term nothing may change- but overtime –who knows!


2 Sisters
On a bigger scale the red meat abattoirs of the UK owned 2 Sisters Group, which include its flagship site in Merthyr Tydfil, a retail packing factory at Victoria in Cornwall, a beef processing site in Bodmin, and McIntosh Donald in Portlethen, Scotland have all been sold to Keypac an Irish meat business that already operates in the UK. This gives Irish businesses a massive share of the red meat supply chain while the Germans and Danes enjoy large market shares in milk processing.
Either way the key decision makers are off-shore and are less and less accountable to their British farmer customers!

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