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Christmas Opening Hours 2018

We apologise for mentioning Christmas this early but by the time you read this it will only be about...

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Feed is nearly always the biggest single cost area on a livestock farm and despite tougher feed legislation over...

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2018 – A year of change

May we offer you all our best wishes for a healthy, happy and profitable 2018 and we, like you, hope that during the next 12 months our future prospects out of Europe become so much clearer!
At Aspatria Farmers, December was the end of an era, as after 120 years the last Hillary retired from the business leaving a legacy for Aspatria Farmers to carry on into the future! The service and support that the Hillary family have given to farmers in North Cumbria over the last 120 years is remarkable and in return their business enjoyed a huge level of support from generations of local farmers. As we have commented before, many businesses sell that goodwill to the highest bidder and the legacy is lost, but with Hillary’s the Aspatria Farmers business values what it bought and will maintain the “best of Hillary’s into the future”!
On the bigger stage it was no surprise to hear the much trumpeted announcement from Michael Gove that the current level of farm subsidies will be maintained until 2022, but also that it will be allocated more fairly, with a cap on the individual totals and an allocation that recognises the environmental and social contribution made by farmers. For farmers in Cumbria, this feels like good news as the money not allocated to the biggest current recipients will be available to go to smaller farmers and those in areas where there are bigger challenges in maintaining the environment and the natural landscape. We hear a lot of farmers voicing their opinion that they “would rather be paid for producing food, than managing the environment”, but if the balance of power in the food markets means that you cannot make a good living from producing food, then we should embrace any direct subsidies we can get and work with the Government to make sure that the tax payer feels that their money is being well spent and they will be minded to support farm subsidies into the future!

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